Anchor Centers Counseling

Anchor specializes in providing counseling services to Chicago area professionals who were EAP program referred or Court ordered to address anger and Substance Abuse issues.

Anchor Behavioral Centers
79 West Monroe St Chicago

Providers of Court Ordered Counseling 


Member | National Anger Management Association

Anchor offers busy Chicago area professionals, a comfortable and private environment in which to explore Anger and associated issues.

Located: Monroe & Clark Streets


Mass Transit:


Blue Line | Red Line : Monroe Street Station


Metra | Amtrak


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131 South Dearborn St (Alley)

Discounted after 3pm





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Anchor - Licensed by Illinois DHS and Provider of EAP Services

Anchor Centers

79 West Monroe Street - Suite 920

Chicago, IL 60603


Phone: 312-253-7406

Fax:      312-275-7778


Anchor Centers is a BBB Accredited Psychologist in Chicago, IL

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